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        • Assessing Disability Income Insurance

          Knowing the basics of a disability income insurance policy is a good first step toward protecting your family.

        • Avoiding Probate

          The probate process can be lengthy and complex. There are strategies you can use to help avoid the probate process.

        • Cash Management Basics

          A sound cash management program uses a disciplined approach: accounting, analysis, allocation, and adjustment.

        • Charitable Giving

          To retain the tax advantages associated with charitable giving, your gift must be made to a qualified organization.

        • Charitable Lead Trusts

          Charitable lead trusts are designed for people who would like to benefit a charity now rather than later.

        • Charitable Remainder Trusts

          A designated income beneficiary could receive payment of a specified amount from a charitable remainder trust.

        • Doubling Your Money

          Before making investment decisions, it is helpful to determine the real rate of return on the investment.

        • Estate Planning

          Wills and trusts allow you to spell out how you would like your property distributed, but they also go beyond that.

        • History of the Federal Estate Tax

          Careful estate planning is still one of the most important ways to manage and protect your assets for your heirs.

        • Living Trusts

          A living trust can help control the distribution of your estate upon death.

        • Long-Term Care Costs

          The odds of needing long-term care increase as you age. Prior planning can help protect you from financial ruin.

        • Long-Term-Care Needs

          If you were to suffer an illness or disability that required long-term nursing care, would you be covered?

        • Paying Estate Taxes

          If you believe your estate will be subject to estate taxes, consider how your heirs will pay the bill.

        • Property Ownership

          Sole ownership, joint tenancy, tenancy in common, and community property have special benefits for property owners.

        • Savings Alternatives

          There are a number of savings alternatives that could help you earn a reasonable rate of return.

        • Tax Deferral

          There can be a substantial benefit to deferring taxes as long as possible.

        • Wealth Replacement Trusts

          A wealth replacement trust could be used to gift appreciated assets to a charity as well as provide for heirs.


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        Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck